Re: Ribbons and Internet banners

from Gregory Himes <>
subject Re: Ribbons and Internet banners
date Wed, 6 Feb 2002 13:08:00 -0800 (PST)
--- Michael Haney <> wrote:
> --- Gregory Himes <> wrote:
> > I was actually more curious (because of the recent
> > piracy discussions, again), than serious about 
> > putting something like that on my website.
> ----------
> I am sorry if I sounded too harsh in that earlier
> email, but anything doing with anti-music sharing on
> the Internet after what I found out about the RIAA
> makes me very very angry.

Nah, it was appropriate, and I wasn't at all offended.
> Here is what they did.  During the whole court
> proceeding the RIAA tried to create this image that
> they were out to protect the best interests of the
> artists their member companies represent.

Oh, great, more fascists/people who get off opressing others.

I never wanted napster to die, but I did want to see a way to give
residuals or similar to the artists, like a penny or nickel per song.
And I am quite aware of the trying to stick rights-denial or SS-like
security operations trying to be run through various government
Losing these rights is not a proper balance for avoiding acts of
terrorism (IMO).  I still believe in the "better the guilty go free,
than one innocent be persecuted" portion of being an American, even
though it is severely corrupted by the imbalance of the corrupt, rich
and powerful.

<sigh>  What's next, a new "McCarthy era" ?

The "Resurrection" has begun.  My site is now in two pieces,
a personal site, and the Tenchi site, and uploading has
begun.  It may be browsable in about a month...  ^_^

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