Re: Ribbons and Internet banners

from Michael Haney <>
subject Re: Ribbons and Internet banners
date Tue, 5 Feb 2002 20:58:09 -0800 (PST)
--- Gregory Himes <> wrote:
> I was actually more curious (because of the recent
> piracy discussions, again), than serious about 
> putting something like that on my website.

I have a few ideas so far, but I am going to throw
them at a few friends of mine who are good
artists....way better than me.  An Anti-Censorship
progrzm for Anime is a very good idea and I endorse it
wholeheartedly.  The Anime producers consider their
work ART and you'd see a major outcry if famous works
of art were ever censored or altered because somebody
thought people might like them better that way.  These
same producers also have the same sensitivity for
overseas fans and they allow people to produce Fansubs
(fan produced subtitled Anime) until a comercial
subtitled copy of an Anime is released.

I am sorry if I sounded too harsh in that earlier
email, but anything doing with anti-music sharing on
the Internet after what I found out about the RIAA
makes me very very angry.

Here is what they did.  During the whole court
proceeding the RIAA tried to create this image that
they were out to protect the best interests of the
artists their member companies represent.  Well, they
succeeded in driving Napster into a hole and now its
gone.  In the void it left behind several hundred
immitators what moved in.  This is the part that has
me so ticked off at them, and I am sure it will effect
you the same way.  After the events of 9/11 Congress
began work on the Anti-Terrorism Bill, which is now
law.  The RIAA attempted to have a section placed on
the bill that would group everyone who participated in
and/or operated a music file sharing service on the
Internet in the same category as the terrorist who
committed the vile acts of destruction in New York
City, and Washington, D.C.  Congress promptly dropped
that section from the bill, but the very odacity of
the RIAA to take advantage of the 9/11 terrorist
attacks for their own gain is for me forever
unforgivable.  I am now totally against the RIAA
because they showed a total lack of sensitivity for
the victims and survivors of 9/11.

Michael "The-Zorch" Haney
White Knight of KOME
Member of Tenchi ML, #SAS#, #WASHU#, and FFAN!
Founder of World of Tenchi!
Co-Developer of Star-Skimmer!

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