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> On Mon, 4 Feb 2002, Mandi Haynes wrote:
>> Okay. On the DVDs are there, like, extra things like there are on DVD
>> movies? I'm just wondering because I've already got all of the Tenchi
>> episodes on VHS and I'm wondering if it's worth me buying them on DVD.
> Personally, I think that those "extra things" are irrelevant. I prefer
> DVDs for their durability, smaller size, better image quality, multiple
> languages and instant access to any part. But I probably wouldn't replace
> already-bought VHS tapes unless they were noticeably degrading.
> That being said, the Tenchi OAV DVD box has the "Tenchi Encyclopedia,
> which is basically images and text information from the "Tenchi 101"
> factbook. The Manatsu no Eve DVD has an older version of the same,
> the TMiL DVD has no really interesting extras. I don't know about the
> TV series of TMiL DVDs.

I saw that pack! I almost got it, but I was broke (minor problem). That's
the pack I should get if I'm gonna get them right? It pretty much has
everything that is in the Tenchi 101 in it? That's good because I have
Tenchi 101, but I can't read Japanese.......

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