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date Mon, 4 Feb 2002 08:22:30 -0800 (PST)
--- Brazil <> wrote:
> On Mon, 4 Feb 2002, Mandi Haynes wrote:
> > Okay. On the DVDs are there, like, extra things like there are on
> That being said, the Tenchi OAV DVD box has the "Tenchi Encyclopedia,
> which is basically images and text information from the "Tenchi 101"
> factbook. The Manatsu no Eve DVD has an older version of the same,
> the TMiL DVD has no really interesting extras. I don't know about the
> TV series of TMiL DVDs.

I found the Tenchi encyclopedia to be a waste of space and
polycarbonate, we should have gotten the Bangaihen and the Sound File
on that third disc.  <sign, as the PS+MS is pushed back again in the

As far as extras on the other US DVDs (Shin and TV1), there really is
nothing of any note.  All the interesting extra material (omake) that
was on the Laserdiscs for these two series never made it to the US,
except for a music video and one or two other things.  None of the over
10 hours of other extra material has appeared on official US releases.
And, yes, there really is 10 hours, no kidding.
There was a 30 minute "karaoke contest" on the back of one LD, and a
"Tenchi Winter Olympics" on the back of the T&SA second disc -- both
featured the Seiyuu from Tenchi Muyo!

The "Resurrection" has begun.  My site is now in two pieces,
a personal site, and the Tenchi site, and uploading has
begun.  It may be browsable in about a month...  ^_^

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