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from Alan Zabaro <>
subject Re: English VA Credits
date Sun, 03 Feb 2002 15:55:12 -0800
Joseph Riggs wrote:
> That's annoying.  I remember hearing about Tenchi having problems with that
> way back when, and how the VAs all went under assumed names at the time
> (leading to some confusion with new fans when they see different names in
> episode credits, but hear the same voices).  I would also suspect that
> there's a certain amount of willful ignorance on the part of the SAG due to
> the ease with which someone who wanted to could figure out who is doing
> what.

I suspect SAG does look the other way at times, especially when fans are
able to figure out who a given dubber really is (David Lucas -> Steve Blum).
Frankly, I wouldn't care as much about voice actors having to use
pseudonyms as long as they were able to use the same ones consistently,
and were able to get their roles attributed to the stage name...that way,
fans who could find out who was behind a name wouldn't have to guess at
what role their favorite actor might've had in another series (main
character or chump background character).

> Its a pity that it makes it more difficult to figure out who is doing what,
> though.  Since you don't see faces to go along with the voices you hear,
> credits are even more important in an animated show than they are in a
> live-action one.  Fans can still learn who's playing which parts, but it
> takes a little more work to do so.

Dub Seiyuu ( ) was keeping track of that
sort of thing, but it looks like the site hasn't been update for over
half a year.

Alan Zabaro

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