Re: Japanese Computer Help Needed

from Alan Zabaro <>
subject Re: Japanese Computer Help Needed
date Sun, 03 Feb 2002 15:02:57 -0800
RadHaz wrote:
> Hey, Alan!
> I didn't know you used OS X.

Reason I bought a Mac in 99 was because I was hearing about OS X, and
seeing it contrasted with OS 9; I wanted to have a chance to try 9
out before trying out X. I was going to stay with 9 on the iBook, but
after a while I got impatient...

> Japanese text looks great in X. Kotoeri input method editor is great
> looking, too. Nice and smooth kanji!

Anti-aliasing at the default font sizes makes most things a little
blurrier than I'd like, but overall most things look good. I have
almost no experience with input method editors - I assume you're
talking about the one that comes with the Japanes language pack -
so I don't have much to say there. It all seems to work (after a
little bit of learning), so I'm happy with it.

Alan Zabaro

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