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subject RE: OT:Video/Capture Card or Video & Capture Card
date Sun, 3 Feb 2002 13:18:33 -0500
Price Range is around $200-250.\
Hmmn, I started this with the idea of upgrading my video card so
 that I could play Aliens Vs Predator 2 better. Then I thought if
I was going to upgrade I should get a capture card.
	Now maybe I should upgrade the MB & CPU, But I do that I will
 have to put off the capture card.
	On a seperate note, I do not have Firewire or any video equipment
 that uses it. I do have USB, but consider it too slow for video. If
 has experience with video editing using USB, how well does it work?

F E Fuller

I think that you should at least have a 900 Mhz CPU for gaming. You have,
uh, mabey too much ram? Do not buy Vision tek graphics boards. 3 people i
know (includes me) have gotten damaged motherboards from that vendors
geforce series. There is probably many others. You, can get a 900Mhz AMD
Duron, a new Socket A Motherboard, and a Gainward AGP GeFoce 2 AGP for,
$270? A little out of your price range but i am very happy with my
configuration.(Slot type motherboards, are, uh, dead anyway)

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