Re: Ribbons and Internet banners

from "Joseph Riggs" <>
subject Re: Ribbons and Internet banners
date Fri, 01 Feb 2002 11:57:38 -0800

On Fri, 1 Feb 2002 11:36:01   
 Gregory Himes wrote:
>--- Michael Haney <> wrote:
>> Now the ribbon against Anime Censorship is OK.  I
>> encourage that one, it makes sense.  I might even
>> design it myself.  Give me a few weeks.
>That's where I was getting a block.  I am pretty good at doing logo
>work and such, but this kind of stumped me.  I was thinking that
>instead of just a red, or red/white/blue, or such of the aforementioned
>ribbons, the anime one would have something hanging from it, or mounted
>where the ends intersect.

I seem to vaguely remember a general anti-censorship ribbon, although I don't 
remember any of the details on it.  Color might have been blue(?).
Sorry I can't remember much about it.

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