Re: Ribbons and Internet banners

from Kuuta Kutani <>
subject Re: Ribbons and Internet banners
date Fri, 01 Feb 2002 01:27:31 -0600

Michael Haney wrote:
> Number one, the ribbon thing against Internet Piracy
> is like putting a huge red bullseye on your website
> with the caption in huge bold letters saying "PLEASE
> HACK ME!"  Most things on the net that are against
> piracy are targets for vindictive hackers...forget you
> even thought of the idea.  Napster has fallen, but its
> legacy lives on forever!(and it will too ^_^)
> Now the ribbon against Anime Censorship is OK.  I
> encourage that one, it makes sense.  I might even
> design it myself.  Give me a few weeks.

you seem new.  and cocky.
I won't go into the difference between crackers and hackers (no one except
hackers seem to care about it), but we here are largely anti-piracy.
some toleration, but very low.

by piracy, however, we speak largely of people getting entire series on
their computers without paying for them, etc.  this is stupid.  it takes
money away from the people bringing it to them, it's self defeating.
if you like it, pay for it, or find someone else who has it and borrow
it, or whatever.

but anyway.  *shrugs, goes back to SNES FF6*

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