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date Wed, 30 Jul 1997 12:23:55
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>Responses to my OAV6 questiom
>>If you remember Tsunami tells Tenchi that she is Sesami's ship. 
>>Therefor Tenchi may make a connection that Sesami is on Tsunami piloting
>>the ship.  At this point I am sure that Tenchi is not making a reference
>>twords Washu since he has no idea that Washu is even there.


>Yet getting back to my original point. Tenchi was thinking about Tsunami 
>when he made the comment. Tenchi did not know at the time about Tsunami / 
>Sesami (that's revealed in OAV9) . Granted he didn't know about Washu on the 
>Souja either. That still doesn't change my theory that Tenchi was granted 
>'new knowledge' along with 'new powers' when becoming his super Tenchi were 
>he manifested 3 LHW by himself!! Its pretty reasonable that his mind was 
>open to new information, particularly the Tsunami / Washu sisterhood. 

Well, saying that he gained new knowledge is a little too far.  I don't
even think that he was talking to the ship Tsunami, like the way he talks
to himself all the time... He was referring to Sasami as not being able to
rescue Ayeka.  We went over this one b4 too...

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