Re: Ayeka or Ryoko

from Mihoshi Kuramitsu <>
subject Re: Ayeka or Ryoko
date Thu, 31 Jul 1997 07:37:16 -0700
> > In the Galaxy Police Mihoshi special, Tenchi seems uniterested in
> > Ryoko but atleast a little interested in Ayeka.
> That one doesn`t have ANY meaning AT ALL since it is a story told by
> Mihoshi and warped very badly.

Okie, I have given up on the rest of the arguement... and I shall
refrain from commenting on that last statement of yours, but just let me
be extremely blunt about my opinion on this matter.  We have been
discussing this for a good long period of time, and with the new series
about, perhaps we should converse about Shin Tenchi instead of dragging
this out any further. I am getting a little tired of it, and I know of a
couple other people on the list getting tired of it. I know this might
be bitchy, and you probably don't care what I think, it is how I feel.
Sorry if you have any major problems with this. If you care to further
discuss not discussing this, you can go ahead and E-mail me. Thanx. ^-^
-Mihoshi Kuramitsu
1st Class Detective/Galaxy Police
Could you please not eat my gun?

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