Re: Tenchi Music

from (Ryo-oh-ki)
subject Re: Tenchi Music
date Thu, 31 Jul 1997 07:26:39 -0700 (PDT)
Mihoshi Kuramitsu said:
:On a way lighter note than all of this arguing, (don't tell me you don't
:know what I'm talking about...) but I was wondering if any of you know
:where I can find a good DL spot for Mp2/MPEG &/or Mp3 Tenchi Muyo songs,
:esp X-mas songs. (I love the little bit of Jingle Bells I heard! I love
:X-mas!) Please help me out... I downloaded a little peice from the AIC
:CD Library, and all it has done has been torture me! All I can hear in
:my head is Ryo-Ohki 'miya'ing along to jingle bells, it was so cute!
:Thanx a bunch for any help! ^-^

    At this point, aren't you supposed to buy the CDs?

___/-_-\___ Eugene Lee

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