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subject Re: Response to my question
date Thu, 31 Jul 1997 16:03:26 +0200 (METDST)
On Wed, 30 Jul 1997, eric baker wrote:

> >If you remember Tsunami tells Tenchi that she is Sesami's ship. 
> >Therefor Tenchi may make a connection that Sesami is on Tsunami piloting
> >the ship.  At this point I am sure that Tenchi is not making a reference
> >twords Washu since he has no idea that Washu is even there.
> >
>         The trouble I have with that response is that he knew Sesami was 
> still on Earth when he left. If he thought that Sesami was piloting Tsunami 
> he would have expected or wanted to see Sesami saying something like "I'll 
> try and save your sister Sesami." So IMHO he would have reasoned that Sesami 
> was still on the Earth. In OAV9 he still had no clue about Sesami / Tsunami.

Why should Tenchi not have thought of Sasami and apologized mentally to
her for his inability without having any clue at all about her link to

> Yet getting back to my original point. Tenchi was thinking about Tsunami 
> when he made the comment. Tenchi did not know at the time about Tsunami / 
> Sesami (that's revealed in OAV9) . Granted he didn't know about Washu on the 
> Souja either. That still doesn't change my theory that Tenchi was granted 
> 'new knowledge' along with 'new powers' when becoming his super Tenchi were 
> he manifested 3 LHW by himself!! Its pretty reasonable that his mind was 
> open to new information, particularly the Tsunami / Washu sisterhood. 

Um, no. it`s not reasonable at all. When did Tenchi ever display any of
this knowledge??

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