Animes, Toons, & Doodles

subject Animes, Toons, & Doodles
date Wed, 30 Jul 1997 19:40:04, -0500
a note on animated life forms:

Animes:   Animes are the speces of animated life
forms found in anime (um...)(Magna olso)

Toons: (if you don't know this, flush you head down the thrown) Theas 
are Cartoon stars (comics also)

Doodles:    Doodles are charictors in things like 
"Spicy City" and "COOL WORLD"

just thought you'd like to know

Hank Tolhuizen: member of the inter-dimentional organization to get 
Washu and Q to 
join forces.     #IDOWQJF#
"It's hard to work in groups when you're obnipatent" ---Q  (star 

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