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subject Ayeka or Ryoko
date Fri, 01 Aug 97 00:15:28 PDT
Who would be the best bride for Tenchi.
Ryoko or Ayeka????

Well if you watch the OVA series and try to decide which one is the
best, it can be pretty damn hard.

For starters Ryoko tried to kill Tenchi in episode one. Although she 
says in episode five that she had know Tenchi since he was very tiny
and thought that he was a real qute.

Ayeka tried to blow up Tenchis house  at first and then imprisoned him
and then told her guardians to kill him when she found him ho her 
bed (altought I can understand that last part).

Ryoko tried to kill Ayeka in part ywo even though Tenchi asked her
to stop. The only thing that saved them was Ayeka ordering her ship
to blow the exterior walls.

Both Ayeka and Ryoko seemed generally uninterested in Tenchi at
first. Ryoko was only after gettin the jewels on Tenchis sword and
Ayeka was looking for Yosho.

But then suddenly in episode four they both seem very interested in 
him. In this episode you also get a hint that Tenchi is in love with
Ayeka when they look at eachother and everything else seems to fade
away. To me that sure looks like something in that direction.

Ryoko then acts very irresponsible when summoning the demon 
without thinking of the fact that she can't control it. Then she tells =

Tenchi to kill it, and when he dosen't succed only Ayeka seems to
be concerned about him. Ryoko only seems to be hiding.
Then after Tenchi and Mihoshi have fallen into the pool and Tenchi
looks very much unconscious, again only Ayeka seems to be 
concerned about him, Ryoko only picks up Mihoshis braclet thingie
and walks of to fix it.

In episode five  Tenchi in suddenly very concerned with Ryoko when
she gets kidnapped by Kagato. Here Ayeka seems irresponsible when 
she tells Tenchi that he doesn't have to go and rescue Tenchi.

When Tenchi dies both of them seems to be very heartbroken, and
flys of to get revenge for him.

Here is also a small hint that Tsunami have feelings for Tenchi (it least
I think it does).

Here is also the only proof that the two of them care for each other
when Ayeka helps Ryoko to hold Kagato with her forcefield and Ryoko
chops of a pillar that tumbles over him.
Ryoko then saves Ayeka from being crushed by flying rocks.
Also Ryoko dosen't use her full strength because doing so would kill

When he comes back to life both of them seem very happy, but here
you really only get to see Ryokos feelings since she is in the same 
room, but I can imagine Ayeka acting very similar. 

When Kagato is dead Ryoko tries to hug Tenchi first but fails

In episode seven both of them act REALLY irresponsible when they
use his fathers collection of Shojo Manga to get ideas on how to get
Tenchis love.

Then I sure get the impression that Ryoko is mostly after sex while Ayeka=
 is after a more deeper relationship.
"Okay, the I'll go first".

In episode eight both of them tries to impress Tenchi with taking care =

of  Taro. But I must say that on this front Ryoko fails miserably while
Ayeka almost seem to know a few things about babies. 
The winner clearly shows to be Washu, with Mihoshi in second place.
Okay, she did have some funny ideas about how to put on a diaper,
but she didn't try and kill him, feed him unmixed formula, throw him 
around or suffocate him. The only thing that Ryoko seemed to do right
was learn how to change a diaper really, really, REALLY fast.

In the Galaxy Police Mihoshi special, Tenchi seems uniterested in 
Ryoko but atleast a little interested in Ayeka.

In episode nine nothing special excpet both of them gets concerned
that Tenchi would fall for Sasami when she gets older happens.

In episode ten Ryoko seems very uniterested when the masses 
escapes and tries to kill Tenchi, she just wants to shoot parts of her
eraser at Ayeka while Ayeka really shows to be intelligent and very
concerned about finding the masses.

In episode eleven you really can't count on anything that Ryoko does
scince it's not Ryoko but Zero, who has taken over her body in order
to get to Washu, but she does calls out for Tenchi when she in caught.

Ayeka dosen't do anything special either that would earn her any points
as tenchis future wife.

This is as far as I can go, I don't own the rest of the OVA series and =

don't know when they are going to be relesed here in Sweden.

If you put all this together it clearly shows what Tenchi must do.

RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!

Maybe he should just run away and marrie Kiyone even though I have
never seen anything about her except what is shown in the Mihoshi
special episode.

But if I would guess on any one of them I would put my money on 
Ayeka. She does have a voice that gives you a headache, but she
does seem more concerned about Tenchi then Ryoko, and she is also
the only one that Tenchi has swhon some kind of feeling when she's
not being kippnaped or hurt.

//Fredrik Lundgren  

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