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No idea why people have so many issues on WinXP.
I can play Dark Age of Camelot with Magic Window
turned on. It's an app that let's you show a video thru
the game window like a view finder. All of this while
alt-tabbing for quest stuff and using ventrilo with zero
slowdown on the video and no syncing issues. My rig
isn't top of the line either.

Always fun to do a 2hr dragon raid and watch a movie
at the same time. ^^

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> From: "Gregory Himes"
> Been both places.
> Currently Perian and VLC are the best options, but neither is a "from the 
> ground up machine code" answer for the format, and therefore they crawl 
> even using 100% CPU.  So nearly all mkv is unviewable.  And transcoding is 
> even worse... Until mkv, I'd
> never seen "digital smearing."
> If it weren't for the snotty attitude, I'd be fine with it, but almost 
> nobody who uses the format for distribution took even one second to think 
> about anyone but themselves.  Provable when you consider how many Windows 
> XP users are still having issues
> with mkv even with WMP Classic and CCCP. 

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