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subject [tenchi:106382] Re: [OT] Any of these titles you'd recommended?
date Thu, 19 Mar 2009 14:44:35 -0700 (PDT)

> I would have thought that would have been perfect for
> you if you have eye troubles.=A0 Unless you PC is very, very
> old, just
> download the CCCP codec pack.

CCCP only works under Windows.  I don't have Windows, and my one friend who
 does have it, assures me that alot of .mkv files have problems anyway (I k
now for certain it has nothing to do with the package, and all to do with t
he fact that they are poorly and improperly constructed).  The fact that th
e package is still being developed doesn't help much.
And though my friend can view most of these files, it does me no good.

And as far as for my eyesight, Matroska doesn't lend itself to it, as most 
people who use it for subs have no clue what they are doing, and they make 
the subs way too small, so even on a huge HD monitor the subs are too small
, that forces you to use VLC and to change the font-size... which often lea
ds to other problems.

I can't even go to the library to watch .mkv files, because, either you can
't install anything onto the computer, or they are set to wipe to a clean s
ystem on restart and installing codec packs usually require a restart.. a n
o-go either way.

What I don't get is, it's easier to watch an .avi with subs sitting as a te
xt file side-by-side.

Just for the info, 16% of computer users have Macs, and many more have Linu
x, Unix, and others...  None of which matroska works efficiently on, or at 

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