[tenchi:106142] Re: Grievous Marvel Comics BS (MMORPG Hijack!)

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from Joseph Riggs <eumerin@yahoo.com>
subject [tenchi:106142] Re: Grievous Marvel Comics BS (MMORPG Hijack!)
date Fri, 9 Mar 2007 09:36:47 -0800 (PST)
Could never get into Diablo 2.  It got too monotonous
after a while.  So I'm not exactly looking forward to
a possible Diablo 3 (which will, no doubt, eventually
be released).

I understand that Mythic has a lot of experience with
PvP MMORPGs (i.e. DAoC), and the stuff I've heard
sounds promising.  It's just that I think I've seen
too many games that looked like they'd be interesting,
and then didn't pan out.  I think I'm just a little
too jaded.

I was in the Vanguard beta, and realized that, "It's
just Everquest all over again."  I'm currently seeing
ads for some Lord of the Rings MMORPG that I don't
think I've even heard anything about.  Too many games,
not enough good ones.


--- Bear Powell <replicant@triad.rr.com> wrote:

> Yup, quite understood. I am watching as well, but
> what I have seen so
> far looks very promising. Since I am a PvP nerd
> that's why I am so
> excited over the game. It seems to be incorporating
> good parts from DAOC
> and WoW to create a PvP dream "in theory". If the
> game is half as good
> as I am seeing the potential of, then I know what
> game I'll be playing.
> It's not gonna put blizzard out of business, but it
> has mad potential to
> steal the hardcore PvP'ers away. However, if the
> secret project that
> Blizzard is working on turns out to be "Diablo 3",
> the nerdy fanboy in
> me will be so lost. >_<!


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