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> From: Joseph
> I'm in a wait and see mood for that game.  Mythic has
> experience making games, but I think I've just seen
> too many bad games.
> junior

Yup, quite understood. I am watching as well, but what I have seen so
far looks very promising. Since I am a PvP nerd that's why I am so
excited over the game. It seems to be incorporating good parts from DAOC
and WoW to create a PvP dream "in theory". If the game is half as good
as I am seeing the potential of, then I know what game I'll be playing.
It's not gonna put blizzard out of business, but it has mad potential to
steal the hardcore PvP'ers away. However, if the secret project that
Blizzard is working on turns out to be "Diablo 3", the nerdy fanboy in
me will be so lost. >_<!

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