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Ack! No mention of FFXI please. I absolutely positively hated FFXI with
a passion when I was playing it. Only played the game because my best
friend bought me the game and paid my monthly payments so I'd play the
game with him. Now that I haven't played in a long time I find myself
missing it more and more. Least at high levels people knew how to play
their damn jobs unlike in WoW. >_<!!!
(Formerly "Shao" Lvl 62 Galka Monk [37 nin/thf/war - 18 all other jobs])
...and I was on Caitsith as well. Used to be a member of Hellfire Club,
Banditos, and Black Temple(?).

Next mmorpg home will probably be Warhammer Online (Chaos faction) I'd
imagine. Black Orc iz 4 fite!

Bear "replicant" Powell

"Be resolute, fear no sacrifice and surmount every
difficulty to win victory." - Chairman Mao Tse Tung

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