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subject [tenchi:106137] Re: Grievous Marvel Comics BS
date Thu, 8 Mar 2007 16:22:35 -0800 (PST)
--- Bear Powell <replicant@triad.rr.com> wrote:

> Yep, Millar should never have touched the project.
> Marvel should have
> known better after all the Superman crap with him.
> While he is an
> exceptional writer and does bring about creative
> stories, his main issue
> is he doesn't care about the characters themselves.
> To me that makes you
> unable to properly convey the heroes motivations
> properly.

And you end up with results such as Spider-Man
unmasking on TV while working as a school teacher in
his civilian identity, and Norman Osborn as the leader
of the Thunderbolts.

> Well, as for money they do make most of their money
> from licensing.
> However, they have recently (past couple years) been
> doing better on
> their paperbacks and some titles are profitable. The
> issues their was
> that they forgot and still have forgotten who made
> them what they are
> and continue to raise cover prices over and over for
> less of a product.
> They worry too much about presentation and not
> enough about content. Go
> back to cheaper paper, less color, and make comic
> books again, not
> wannabe graphic novels.

Or better yet, do both.  They're already releasing the
reprints in graphic novel format.  Those who want the
issues done with better quality can buy the
collections when they come out.  And the collections
are apparently doing decently enough in some cases. 
The Spider-Girl series has supposedly been on the
verge of being cancelled time and again, but is
constantly saved because the collections do a decent
amount of sales.  Comic books could be released on
cheaper paper, and the collections that come out a few
months later would be the better quality books that
they currently are.  Kids don't care, collectors
supposedly never read them anyway (because even
opening the plastic sleeve makes the issues worth
less), and people who want to hold onto the stories
can get the better quality collections.

Which is, incidentally, similar to the Japanese model.

> It's my same issue I have
> with Sony and the
> Playstation game console. Give me a $200 video game
> console anyday over
> a $600 multimedia entertainment platform.

The best selling video game console of last December


The PS2!  By a fairly large margin, too.


Price is believed to have played a major role in that.

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