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subject [tenchi:106126] Hitoshi, I blame you!
date Thu, 8 Mar 2007 05:08:15 -0500
I am addicted to Joshikosei. Thanks for recommending it. Very fun watch
even with the insane amount of pantsu shots which is great. My dad
watched the first episode with me and just got a kick out of it. Mom was
not amused, but we still saw her snicker a time or two. ^^ Now to figure
out if they are going to bring me more episodes as I hear they are
rumored to be in the works.

Also, got to see the first couple episodes of Futari wa Purikyua and
seemed fun so far. Just looks to be a HUGE undertaking to watch as many
episodes as I can get ahold of. The stateside release I am not looking
forward to as 4Kids got rights to it and I did not enjoy the massive
commercialization they did with Pokemon and Yugioh, but I suppose that
is just me. I do like the character Yukishiro Honoka quite a bit. I
expect the fight scenes being as they are is because of Daisuke Nishio
directing them. His history with Dragonball was a big inspiration I

Off to sleep. Keep me informed of any other good stuff you run across.

Bear "replicant" Powell

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