Aya Mail 3... LD rot... ;_;

to seiyuu@usagi.jrd.dec.com
from Michael Studte <mstudte@wt.com.au>
subject Aya Mail 3... LD rot... ;_;
date Mon, 4 Nov 1996 22:51:09 -0800
I was just rewatching my Aya Mail 3 LD, and suddenly... Hey, that looks like
laser rot...

Sure enough, upon taking the LD out, I recognised the pressing codes as
Mitsubishi-like... (And checking the edge, yep, the platters have definitely
not been sealed properly, the gap is wide enough to put my fingernail in

Anyone else have the LD and come across this? This is my first incidence of LD
rot, maybe it's time to check my VGAi LD again... <sigh>

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