re: PS Expo and E3 on 11/2-11/3

from Michael Studte <>
subject re: PS Expo and E3 on 11/2-11/3
date Mon, 4 Nov 1996 22:15:58 -0800
>  From: Hitoshi Doi <>, on 96/11/04 9:19:
>  Just so I don't forget this myself.. (^_^;)


>  E3 Presentation Stage
>   11/2 13:15 ASK Kodansha Voice Paradice Excella talk show
>    (Tomizawa Michie, Chiba Shigeru)
>    talk about Voice Paradice, show parts of the game, presents corner.
>    total about 30 minutes.  not crowded at all.

Two such great voices (not to mention very extrovert actors) and "not crowded
at all"? Shame, wish I could have filled in some of the space.

>  E3 Presentation Stage
>   11/3 15:00 Komori Manami, Takada Yumi
>    talk show for some game.  there was a janken tournament where the
>    winners were able to get their pictures taken with Yumi and Manami.

Wah, wish I could have been there...

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