[NOISE] Voogie's Angel/Marathon (was: Re: Clear, thin CD cases)

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subject [NOISE] Voogie's Angel/Marathon (was: Re: Clear, thin CD cases)
date Sat, 2 Nov 1996 09:12:57 -0600 (CST)
> From: tatewake@bbs.mpcs.com ("Tatewake" Terence)
> I should read my mail more often. I know Marathon, but have never heard of
> "Voogie's Angel" (have seen tons of mail, never read, however, busy
> lifestyle)

Voogie's Angel isn't for everybody.  I'm not sure who's it for.  But some 
of the diehards seem to like it, and I do, too.

I didn't like the Voogie's Angel radio shows at first, as they weren't as 
sexy as Saber R.  But I started to get sort of attached to them.  
However, once I heard and saw the OP, then I got hooked in a really 
bad way.  I'm just waiting for the anime.

> Marathon has been around for about two years, now. You are a "human" not
> exactly a robot, just a guy in a suit.

It says that, but unless you're in some anti-gravity, bullet absorbing
armor, then I don't see how that's possible.  It allows you to jump down
open elevator shafts that probably go 500 meters.  When you land, you take
NO damage, which is ridiculous.  I think the game is more realistic if you
just say you're Rebecca. 

> It's by "bungie", at www.bungie.com.

Marathon is also Bungie's last hope.  None of their other games sell well
at all.  It's totally sad when you see Bungie selling games brand-new for

(Marathon sequels)
> Have played all three, and must say I like Infinity best. All three
> versions are 68040 and PowerPC friendly.
> (Unless you are talking about IBM compatibles, which means Marathon II just
> came out recently?)

Marathon 2: Durandal has been out for Win95 for some time now.  Eventually
they'll release Marathon Infinity for Win95.  Nobody cares, however, since
everybody's hooked on "Quake" or "Duke Nukem 3D".  I personally find that
very sad. 

> Is there a demo for this "Voogie's Angel"?

  1.  Put in your CD-ROM drive your Voogie's Angel CD.  Load up your
AppleCD Audio Player application.  Select "Program" and pick "Motto Motto
Radical Fight!".  Select "Repeat".  Begin playing the CD. 
  2.  Start up Marathon.  In my demos, none of the Marathon games have any
music in the background.  Now you do. 
  3.  It's pretty fun, but it can get intrusive.  You sometimes want to
listen carefully for laser fire, or an alien's screech.  But it's pretty
hard when the Angels are singing, "Motto, motto, positive light!" 

I imagine you only have the demos.  I was hoping that I could find out the
actual game(s).  For instance, I was wondering what happens to Leela in
the Marathon 1 game in the end, etc.

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