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date Thu, 31 Oct 1996 15:32:33 -0500 (EST)
You wrote:
> On Thu, 31 Oct 1996, Peter Evans wrote:

> > Joe Petrow didst scribe thus:
> > | I listened to this about twice through now.  It's pretty darned good!  I
> > | think MIDNIGHT BLUE and Going History are my favorites.  FLY ME TO THE
> > | MOON is nice too...
> >
> >     midnight blue is from either Slayers Next or Slayers Reruns (movie)

> Midnight Blue is from Slayers Return (movie). Going History is from
> Slayers NT.

Actually Midnight Blue is from the first Slayers movie <slayers motion
Just be concious and run all the way are from Slayers Return.
Is Going History the Slayers NT OP song?  Is the OP from the first TV series on
I want to by a song CD with the first season/series Slayers OP theme.  I don't
want a single or BGM CD.

> >     fly me to the moon sucks after you've heard it about fifteen times
> >     on the end of EVA episodes.

> Or the 200 times you hear it on any of the EVA Cds

Actually, once was enough for me.  It's just too, too, well, whatever
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