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date Thu, 14 Sep 2017 18:10:32 +0900
The previous Aqours broadcast was on 9/1, and the hosts were
Rikako, Kanako, Aina, Shuka, and Aika.  They talked about,
and played their songs from the "Summer Vacation" CD.
Plus the usual games and such.

At the end, they made some announcements of "new" info.

 - On 9/21 (at 12:00 noon) there will be a special niconama for
   School Idol Festival from the Tokyo Game Show (business day).
   Inami Anju will be the emcee. 
  [Since this is business day, we (normal people) can't go!
   Also since this is a normal workday, we won't be able to
   watch the niconama live..]

 - The Love Live Sunshine anime will air on 10/7. 
  [I'm going to be busy from October..]

 - There will be a niconama/bandai channel live broadcast on 10/7
   (22:30) at the same time as episode 1 of the TV anime. 
  [I bet the niconico server will be too crowded.]

 - There will be a pre-air special TV broadcast on 9/30 (22:30).

Info about the 9/1 broadcast at the following.


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