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from Hitoshi Doi <doi@usagi.org>
subject [seiyuu:28747] Re: SIF osanpo rally event
date Wed, 13 Sep 2017 00:51:59 +0900
seiyuu@usagi.org ("Robert .Nykkel. DeLoura") wrote:
| > For one, there is no second SR (Hanamaru) at 60k!
| And there were two copies of Hanamaru available through items,
| so the 25K is the only 'free' one.  I assume they set things up so
| you'd have about the right number of items at 60k and 100k.

The Hanamaru SRs need 2000 of each item.

I reached 2000 when my score was around 38000 for my main game.
In my second game, I'm at 35000 right now, and I have 1800 or so items.
So it seems pretty easy to the 2nd Hanamaru, and maybe even the third.

As for the ranking scores, it seems this event is much higher
than the recent ones.  I wonder if some people will stop playing
when they get the 2nd Hanamaru.

Also yesterday was Kotori's birthday, so they have all the special
Kotori-only draws, up until today.  I assume they won't do these
for the Riko and Ruby birthdays next week, so I'll probably don't
have to save up my stones for a while.  I'll just spend a lot now
and try to get as many Kotori SR/SSR as possible..
I had over 700 stones saved up.

Hitoshi Doi
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