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2017-09-11 15:47 GMT+08:00 Hitoshi Doi <doi@usagi.org>:
> Replying to an old mail.
> (can't believe it's already been almost one month..)
> Stephen Lee <usagi@softmagi.com> wrote:
> |
> | Just happened upon this.  Seems it is a special episode of an AbemaTV
> | program. This one has seiyuus Matsui Eriko, Matsuzaki Rei, Eino
> | Airi, Endou Yurika (松井恵理子、松嵜麗、永野愛理、遠藤ゆりか)
> | covers of anime songs in a Karaoke Box for 2 hours.
> I hadn't been watching this show (Seiyuu Anizatsudan),
> but now I have to try to keep up..  You just made me busier! (^_^;
> This is a weekly one hour live broadcast by Matsui Eriko and Matsuzaki Rei.
> They usually have one seiyuu guest, and they talk about the seiyuu
> and their favorite anime and such.
> This is broadcast on abema TV (which I can't download),
> but right now all of the previous episodes are viewable for free.
> There is no limit and you can watch them as much as you want.
> They also put each episode on youtube for about one month.
> So within that month, you can download it from youtube easily.
> I created a page for this show.
> http://www.usagi.org/doi/seiyuu/internet/misc/anizatsudan.html
> Went backed and scanned though all of the videos (70 of them!)
> and got the guests for each week.
> Last week's guest was Satou Amina, former AKB48 and NoName girl,
> so I'll have to go watch that too.
> | The songs list from the comments:
> The hilights for me were the following.
> | 0:25:44 少女交響曲
> | 1:36:48 Star!!
> | 1:47:47 Snow halation
> "Shoujo Koukyoukyoku" is a Wake Up Girls song, Rei and Airi changed
> clothes for this.  Airi wore a Rakuten Eagles jersey and a red skirt,
> Rei wore a idolish outfit.  They called themselves "Good Night Girls",
> instead of "Wake Up Girls". (^_^;
> Both Airi and Rei did most of the dances.
> The very last song was "Snow Halation" from Love Live,
> and everyone sang it together.
> They also did most of the dances for this too.
> Airi stood in the center front.
> I wrote down who sang which song.
> http://www.usagi.org/doi/seiyuu/internet/misc/anizatsudan68.html
> Eriko and Rei had a karoke special in episode 16 too,
> but in that one they didn't have any guests.
> They sang a lot of "oldies".
> Eriko+Rei  トップをねらえ! -Fly High-
> Eriko      天使のゆびきり
> Rei        勇者王誕生!
> Eriko      星のすみか
> Rei        創聖のアクエリオン
> Eriko      笑顔に会いたい
> Rei        10 Years After
> Eriko      空色デイズ
> Rei        激! 帝国華撃団
> Eriko+Rei  Lion
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