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> For one, there is no second SR (Hanamaru) at 60k!

> They have a lot of little "items" that you get at the end
> of each song, and you can get the second Hanamaru with that.
> I don't know how much I have to play to get enough
> items to get the SR.

Fortunately, playing at a multiplier does give you a multiplier on the item=

If you don't care about the SR, you can spend your items on other things.=
=C2=A0 It looked like gold and friend points were available in unlimited qu=
antities if you have enough items.=C2=A0 (At the end of the event, remember=
 to spend any leftover items on those things.)=C2=A0 Then they had one (Coo=
l) teacher, four background images, and a Scouting Ticket, if I remember co=
rrectly.=C2=A0 And there were two copies of Hanamaru available through item=
s, so the 25K is the only 'free' one.=C2=A0 I assume they set things up so =
you'd have about the right number of items at 60k and 100k.

I'm not sure yet if the item distribution is random, or if it varies depend=
ing on which space you're playing on.

> Another thing that seems to have changed is the movement> between songs o=
n the map.=C2=A0 In the first osanpo rally,
> I think when you finished one song, you were able to go on
> to the next song right away.

In the first one, there was a point requirement and sometimes a date requir=
ement, I think.=C2=A0 I remember having enough points but having to wait a =
day or two because the next space wasn't set to unlock until then.=C2=A0 Ha=
rd to say if the later spaces will be that way this time, as I'm not very f=
ar along yet.

> But now, you have to clear all the targets of the song to
> go onto the next song.=C2=A0 One of the targets is a C combo,
> so it's going to be hard for me to move on, unless I play
> one game at "easy" just for the combo.

Fortunately, you don't have to clear all the targets for the Challenge spac=
es that require 5/10/20 plays.

> Luckily they still allow 4x mode, so I only have to play a few games ever=
y day.

Which won't count as 4x for the Challenge spaces, I imagine.



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