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subject [seiyuu:28728] Re: lot of seiyuu broadcasts this week
date Sun, 30 Jul 2017 23:07:17 +0900
Michael Studte <izumi@iinet.net.au> wrote:
| Really annoying when they region-lock all those niconico videos. :(

It seems the ones closely tied to some anime are region locked a lot.
The ones that are mainly seiyuu seem to be region free.

| Makes me wonder why I bother keeping my subscription...

In addition to the normal premium member,
I also subscribe to 5 or 6 other channels, so I can watch the
members only parts (or some only allow timeshift for members).
Around 500 yen each per month, and some of them only
have one broadcast per month.

I have almost every one of those that I listed,
so if you need any contact me.

| On 30/07/2017 12:03 AM, Hitoshi Doi wrote:
| > Onsen Musume Hatsu Niconama [live], 2017.07.23
| >  personality :: Takada Yuuki
| >  personality :: Nagae Rika
| >  personality :: Takahashi Karin
| >  personality :: Motomiya Kana
| >  personality :: Shinoda Minami
| >  personality :: Hioka Natsumi
| >  personality :: Endou Yurika
| >  personality :: Kuwahara Yuuki
| >  personality :: Watada Misaki
| >  http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv302169341

the file's about 740MB

This caught my eye because of Takada Yuuki.
The 9 girls who appeared make up the group "Springs".
There are 3 first years, 3 second years, and 3 third years
who are hot springs idols..  sounds familiar??
It seems there are a few "rival" groups too.
Mostly minor seiyuu (but some majors like Iida Riho, Ozawa Ari).

It seems I had missed another one..  (I like Kono Suba)

Kono Suba Channel Natsu no Tokuban Special, 2017.07.28
 personality :: Fukushima Jun
 personality :: Takahashi Rie
 personality :: Suwa Ayaka

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