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date Thu, 23 Mar 2017 02:41:37 -0700
We’re missing Mimorin’s band (Glitter Green); I hope they add that one in later.

Still trying to figure it out a bit (need to level up my Japanese skill too. :P ).
I can beat most hard songs; the hold and slide notes are killing me (the flick up
notes are kinda fun).

The cut-ins are way in the background, so they don’t obscure the notes like they
do in LLSIF. So I leave them on, too.

> On Mar 22, 2017, at 9:42 PM, Hitoshi Doi <doi@usagi.org> wrote:
> seiyuu@usagi.org ("Robert .Nykkel. DeLoura") wrote:
> | 
> | Went to Youtube and watched the first gameplay video I found there.
> | With the sound off, so I don't know what they might have been babbling
> | about.  Turned out not to show much about the actual play of songs,
> | as the person only played a very short tutorial song.
> | But the character designs are very appealing.  (Have been watching the show.)

> Anyone else playing Girls Band Party?
> -- lots of random babbling below --
> I've played this for about a week now.
> I don't know much about the rules and such, but it's just as
> addicting as SIF.  But this seems more than just a music game.
> For SIF, I just play the songs, and try to power up the cards.
> There isn't anything else you have to do.  You can just whiz
> past the stories and get the stones and such.
> With Girls Band Party, it seems to be more than just a music
> game with cards.
> There's a map of the city with various locations.
> The characters appear in them (at random? or not), and you have to
> go to them and go through the conversations to get money and such.
> Also you can "buy" stuff at some of the shops.  I think some of
> these items help your score or skills for the songs.  I'm not sure.
> Since I'm not familiar with the stories or the girls of Bang Dream,
> I try to listen to the stories, at least for Pastel Palettes.
> There is a lot of stories, lot of talk.  Time consuming..
> There are 25 girls in the story, 5 bands with 5 girls each.
> Right now I'm trying to keep up with just the Pastel Palettes
> girls and stories.  The characters are pretty cute.
> There are also SD forms of the characters, and they bob up and
> down during the songs.  Very very cute.
> I like the Pastel Palettes original song "Shuwarin Dreaming" a lot.
> This game also has lot of cover songs, of anime and jpop songs.
> I saved up the "stars" (stones) to do a 10 chara gacha.
> This 10 chara gacha has one 3-star guaranteed, but I got
> 2 4-stars (2 of the same card), 1 3-stars, and 7 2-stars.
> Have never been that lucky in SIF..
> As for the song gameplay, the positions that you tap are in
> a straight line.  Since I'm used to the semi-circle of SIF,
> this is not that easy.  Right now I can only clear the easy
> and normal levels.  Tried hard a few times, but died.  Now that
> I have some recovery cards, maybe I'll make a recovery team and
> try hard.  I remember back when I first started SIF, I couldn't
> do some of the hards.
> Also this game doesn't have something like LP, so you can keep
> playing songs forever.. so you have to stop yourself from playing.
> But there is a flame indicator where you get 5 times points after
> finishing the songs.  When this goes to 0, you can still play
> the songs, but you only get 1 times the points.
> The songs have cut-in like SIF, but these don't bothere me
> as much as in SIF.  I turn it off on SIF, but I leave it on
> here..  so far at least.
> It seems there will be a software update this week, and there
> will be some kind of event.  If you're thinking of starting
> it might be better to start (at least install) early and get
> as much of the stars and freebies as you can.
> I have this on both my iphone and android tablet.
> It seems the android misses my taps sometime.
> I'll just log in and such on my android, but I probably
> won't play for real on it.
> --
> Hitoshi Doi
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