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seiyuu@usagi.org ("Robert .Nykkel. DeLoura") wrote:
| Went to Youtube and watched the first gameplay video I found there.
| With the sound off, so I don't know what they might have been babbling
| about.  Turned out not to show much about the actual play of songs,
| as the person only played a very short tutorial song.
| But the character designs are very appealing.  (Have been watching the show.)

Anyone else playing Girls Band Party?

-- lots of random babbling below --

I've played this for about a week now.
I don't know much about the rules and such, but it's just as
addicting as SIF.  But this seems more than just a music game.

For SIF, I just play the songs, and try to power up the cards.
There isn't anything else you have to do.  You can just whiz
past the stories and get the stones and such.
With Girls Band Party, it seems to be more than just a music
game with cards.

There's a map of the city with various locations.
The characters appear in them (at random? or not), and you have to
go to them and go through the conversations to get money and such.
Also you can "buy" stuff at some of the shops.  I think some of
these items help your score or skills for the songs.  I'm not sure.

Since I'm not familiar with the stories or the girls of Bang Dream,
I try to listen to the stories, at least for Pastel Palettes.
There is a lot of stories, lot of talk.  Time consuming..

There are 25 girls in the story, 5 bands with 5 girls each.
Right now I'm trying to keep up with just the Pastel Palettes
girls and stories.  The characters are pretty cute.
There are also SD forms of the characters, and they bob up and
down during the songs.  Very very cute.

I like the Pastel Palettes original song "Shuwarin Dreaming" a lot.
This game also has lot of cover songs, of anime and jpop songs.

I saved up the "stars" (stones) to do a 10 chara gacha.
This 10 chara gacha has one 3-star guaranteed, but I got
2 4-stars (2 of the same card), 1 3-stars, and 7 2-stars.
Have never been that lucky in SIF..

As for the song gameplay, the positions that you tap are in
a straight line.  Since I'm used to the semi-circle of SIF,
this is not that easy.  Right now I can only clear the easy
and normal levels.  Tried hard a few times, but died.  Now that
I have some recovery cards, maybe I'll make a recovery team and
try hard.  I remember back when I first started SIF, I couldn't
do some of the hards.

Also this game doesn't have something like LP, so you can keep
playing songs forever.. so you have to stop yourself from playing.
But there is a flame indicator where you get 5 times points after
finishing the songs.  When this goes to 0, you can still play
the songs, but you only get 1 times the points.

The songs have cut-in like SIF, but these don't bothere me
as much as in SIF.  I turn it off on SIF, but I leave it on
here..  so far at least.

It seems there will be a software update this week, and there
will be some kind of event.  If you're thinking of starting
it might be better to start (at least install) early and get
as much of the stars and freebies as you can.

I have this on both my iphone and android tablet.
It seems the android misses my taps sometime.
I'll just log in and such on my android, but I probably
won't play for real on it.

Hitoshi Doi
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