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subject [seiyuu:28642] seiyuu in weekly comics magazines
date Fri, 10 Mar 2017 17:18:18 +0900
Recently (to me 2 months is still recent..),
there have been some seiyuu appearing in the weekly comics magazines.
I was surprised that Tomatsu Haruka appeared in a swimsuit.
Not surprised that Komiya Arisa (Dia in Sunshine) appeared in
many bikinis in various magazines..  but would have prefered
her clothed.

Some of the mags I got recently..

Young Jump 2017 vol.10
Tomatsu Haruka (swimsuit)


Young Jump 2017 vol.9
Komiya Arisa (swimsuit)


Young Animal 2017 no.5
Komiya Arisa (swimsuit)


Shounen Magazine 2017 vol.6
Lynn (cosplay!)


Card Gamer vol.32
Hata Sawako


Arisa also appeared in Weekly Playboy and Miracle Jump,
but I still haven't found those at the used bookstores.

Hitoshi Doi
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