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I'm a little surprised you heard about the product and anime announcements, but didn't
hear about that.  I guess there is probably advertising for the products and anime,
though.  (^_^)

There are event spoilers after this paragraph.  Move on if you don't want to hear

OK, that's enough blank space.

Aida Rikako (Riko) learned how to play Omoi Yo Hitotsu Ni Nare on the piano, even
though she apparently didn't know how to play the piano before that.  Since she was
playing the piano in the relevant episode while the rest of the group was
dancing/singing that song, they brought a piano on stage during the First Live and
had her play the song while the rest of the group was dancing and singing.

Apparently, this was wildly successful and popular the first day.

On the second day, she did something wrong (hit a wrong note or something, I wasn't
there to hear it) near the beginning of the song and suddenly stopped playing.  Then
she burst into tears on stage, and just sort of lost it.  Apparently they had to
cut her microphone.  From what I hear, Anchan ran over to comfort her, followed by
a few of the others.  The audience started chanting her name and cheering her on,
and all switched their glowsticks to pink.  She regained control within about a
minute, and they started the song over again.  She was able to finish it, then left
stage for a few minutes to compose herself during the MC that followed.

Mostly, the internet reaction seems to be that it didn't look like something they
planned (for similarity to her character's problem with a piano performance that was
in a flashback scene), but rather a legitimate error that just caused her to break

temporarily under the pressure.  It ended up being a shared scene of huge emotion,
and is probably the moment that will be most remembered from the First Live.

I get the impression that her popularity is about to go way up, partly due to sympathy,
partly due to the shared emotions of it.

I'm hoping they won't strip it out of the BluRays, as I'd like to see it.


On Monday, February 27, 2017 7:33 PM, Hitoshi Doi <doi@usagi.org> wrote:
It seems the world was focused on Love Live Sunshine and
the Aqours first concert last weekend.
But I was watching the Tylor musical.. (^_^;

People are saying "something" happened on day 2??

They announced that the Love Live Sunshine anime will be
aired this fall.

The Aqours 2nd live will take place this summer,
in Nagoya (8/5 and 8/6), Kobe (8/19 and 8/20),
and Saitama (9/29 and 9/30).
Ticket raffles with the blurays as usual, starting yesterday.

Lots of CDs and unit CDs planned.
I'm glad Love Live isn't ending anything soon..
but that means I'll be busy with SIF for a long time. (^_^;

Oh, the next Aqours niconico broadcast is this Friday (3/3).
I thought it was next Friday, as it's always been at the
same time as Sawako's broadcast.

Finished watching the old Aqours broadcasts from July 2016
to last month..


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