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subject [seiyuu:28624] Re: Sawako in China dress
date Sun, 05 Feb 2017 12:18:00 -0800
<div dir='auto'>She does look nice in that outfit.<div dir="auto"><br></div><div dir="auto">I
saw a cute picture of someone else recently on Suzuko Mimorin's Twitter feed, though
I don't remember her name. &nbsp;Looked it up when someone linked the image in another
forum, but don't remember it. &nbsp;Other random pics of her on the net were just
OK, but she is very cute here. &nbsp;(Her name is in kanji in the Twitter post, but
I am not good with unfamiliar names.)</div><div dir="auto"><br></div><div dir="auto">Link:</div><div
dir="auto"><br></div><div dir="auto">https://mobile.twitter.com/mimori_suzuko/status/825864275067416577/photo/1<br></div><div
dir="auto"><br></div><div dir="auto">--Robert</div></div
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