[seiyuu:28310] Re: Disappearance of my mail adress

to seiyuu@usagi.org
from Hitoshi Doi <doi@usagi.org>
subject [seiyuu:28310] Re: Disappearance of my mail adress
date Wed, 13 Jan 2016 12:14:05 +0900

Back in Japan now.
Wanted to do a lot of things like catch up on anime and my web sites
while in Hawaii, but didn't get much done.
Mostly slept a lot, and played Love Live and Valiant Knights.
Also ate too much..

Sebastien Jarry <jarry.sebastien@voila.fr> wrote:
| To Hitoshi Doi, can you remove my voila.fr's mail adress and adding
| my gmail.com's mail adress to Seiyuu Mail's list ?


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