[seiyuu:28294] Re: Nozawa Masako in Google Streetview

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subject [seiyuu:28294] Re: Nozawa Masako in Google Streetview
date Wed, 30 Dec 2015 02:53:42 +0800
2015-12-29 16:20 GMT+08:00 Joe Petrow <joepetrow@gmail.com>:
> On Tuesday, December 29, 2015, Hitoshi Doi <doi@usagi.org> wrote:
>> "'CuSO4' Yung" <cuso4@cuso4.com <javascript:;>> wrote:
>> | The woman with red hair in the middle is said to be Nozawa Masako,
>> | according to Nippon Housou announcer Yoshida Hisanori.
>> I wonder if there are people just going through all the
>> google street views and such looking for famous people.
> I wonder if there's an app to help you search for them.

How ?  Unless you have a readily accessible database of photos of
famous people, it would be very difficult to distinguish normal people
from famous people.  Also, Google Streetview should have most of the
faces of people blurred.

'CuSO4' Yung

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