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date Wed, 20 May 2015 11:12:49 +0900
"Robert .Nykkel. DeLoura" <deloura@yahoo.com> wrote:
| Noticed that T2 for JP was shockingly low last night about 15,000
| event points.

Most of the events have similar cut off patterns.
Things don't pick up until the last 40 hours or so.
For the normal events, the final score is around 1.6 times
the T-40 hour score.
For the score match and medley festival, the final score is
around 1.4 times.
With the normal events, it's easy to "hide" your score by
racking up the items and using them for the 4x songs at the end.

| How popular is Hanayo on JP?
| Will it be ridiculous to try and T2 her in a Score Match?

Looking at past events, Hanayo is not that popular.
Her previous score match cutoffs were 64K and 61.5K.
It should be in that ballpark, plus one extra day,
because this score match has 11 days instead of 10.

I liked the old schedule when all of the score match
were 10 days (first half of the month).

Oh, this event ends on a Sunday, so that might raise the
score a little too.

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