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from ジェーニャ <jenya.japan@gmail.com>
subject [seiyuu:28090] Re: current love live event
date Fri, 15 May 2015 15:31:54 +0900
Hello everyone! ^^

Both is easy for me (full combo of course), but I can see why random
feels like easier.
I am playing other games too and sometimes I can't even get 1 event
card, and it's been a while since i got 2. Got 1 Maki this time.

I felt so sad I couldn't participate in real tournament ;_;
I even played sub on my iPhone too, in case I got into tournament ^_^;

I am going to be on TV Tokyo like in 5 minutes and there should be
scenes about my Love Live love too :)


On 2015/05/15 15:24, Hitoshi Doi wrote:
> Stephen Lee <usagi@softmagi.com> wrote:
> | 
> | Hitoshi Doi <doi@usagi.org> wrote:
> | > Also, is it just me..
> | > isn't the random EX easier than the standard EX?
> | 
> | I keep making mistakes on those same-finger notes at the beginning of
> | standard EX.  Random is easier as I can use different fingers for them.
> I can't even do C combo, so as long as I don't die it's ok.
> For random EX it seems I have more life left at the end
> than the normal EX.
> The scores did pick up at the end, but I should be ok
> as long as the last half (14:30 to 15:00) hour increase
> isn't a whole lot more than the 13:30 to 14:30 increase.
> Now I need time to process some non-Love Live seiyuu stuff,
> process my Akiba pics, and watch some recent anime.. (^_^;
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> Hitoshi Doi
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