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subject [seiyuu:28083] Re: General SIF update
date Thu, 07 May 2015 15:06:32 +0900
Timothy Yeh <tenton@mac.com> wrote:
| > On May 6, 2015, at 9:32 PM, Robert .Nykkel. DeLoura <deloura@yahoo.com> wrote:

| > 
| > How do the rest of you spend your loveca?  Do you save them to spend
| > on tiering in events (getting the extra copies of the SR),
| > or do you use them for 10+1 recruiting?
| > I've been assuming that 10+1 is the way to go,
| > but maybe tiering makes just as much sense. 
| I make sure I have enough to T2 an event, which usually means
| 15-20 stones or so in reserve.
| Because guaranteed idolized SR is better for your team in the
| long run than random attempts at drawing.

Same with me.  But since I'm not as good as Tim,
I usually try to keep over 50 stones.
A long time ago I needed over 30 to get the second SR,
but recently it's around 10 (normal) to 20 (medley festival).

Right now I have so many level 80 SRs that most
of the event SRs don't make my top team.

| > Have about 85 loveca on JP right now, am figuring on a 10+1,
| > but can never quite decide when to pull the trigger.
| > Looks like the May 8th special includes the old maid outfits. Hmmm. ^_^;;
| You could do a draw and still have enough for getting that 2nd SR
| from the event.

At Robert's LP level I think it's safer to have close to 50 stones
to reach the second SR.

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