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subject [seiyuu:27960] Re: new Love Live event
date Tue, 06 Jan 2015 18:02:34 +0900
Timothy Yeh <tenton@mac.com> wrote:
| The event started a bit faster than the last couple of Score Matches…
| but then again, Honoka Score Match started event faster and that
| ended lower than most of the rest (under 60k) . :P

All of Honoka's events have ended pretty low.
All of Kotori's events have ended pretty high..

| At least with Score Match, there’s no mad dash to the finish. :P

There is a mad dash, but you can't hide your score,
and you can always tell what your current ranking is..  until now!!

They messed with the personal rankings!
The ranking that they display at the start of the game is wrong!!
The event point is correct (current), but the ranking is the
one at the previous update (30 minute mark).

This is going to make the ending difficult.. (;_;)

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