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date Mon, 29 Dec 2014 02:36:52 +0900
Recently there is a lot of Love Live things to do and see in Akiba.
Lots and lots of things to spend your money on.

Rin (Love Live) campaign at Sega


The campaign began on 12/19 and runs until 2/2.
It's similar to the previous campaigns.  Put 500 yen into the catcher
machines and get a Love Live clear file and one point.
With the points, you can send in for various goods, including a Rin
figure which is 40 points.  For 10 points you can get a poster,
of which there are 10 different kinds.
If you want to get all of the goods, you'll need around 160 points,
which is 80000 yen!

Also during the campaign many of the workers at the Sega in Akiba
cosplay as Love Live characters.  Some of them allow photos.

Most of the game centers have some very nice Love Live decorations too.

Love Live museum at Gamers


There is a Love Live museum on the 5th floor of Gamers between 12/20
and 1/12.  Pics not allowed for most of the museum, but lots of goods
on sale.  Pics of the life-sized pops allowed.

Those who spend over 2000 yen at the museum will get a 2L sized photo.
There were three different pictures, for each week.

12/20 - 12/26: first year students
12/27 - 1/2: second year students
1/3 - 1/12: third year students

Those who buy something every week will also get a special photo. 
Too bad I won't be in Japan for the third week..

Hitoshi Doi
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