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2014-12-17 12:08 GMT+08:00 Bradley Huffaker <bhuffake@caida.org>:
> My son is going to be visiting Japan with three of his American friends
> and will be in Tokyo between Jan 5-8th, and Kyoto Jan 8-9th. I thought
> it would be fun for him to experience an idol/otaku/etc related event
> while he was there.  Anything to recommand?

1/5 Shinjuku - TV Anime ISUCA pre-view event : Kido Ibuki, Afilia Saga
1/7 Minatomirai - Feiran 4th album event : Feiran
1/9 Mie - May'n tour : May'n

I don't think you can get tickets that easily.

> Of course general Tokyo suggests would also be appreciated.

Location Hunt ?  Locations for Gatchaman Crowds, Clannad, Lucky Star,
A Channel, Acchi Kocchi. Oreimo. Sailor Moon. Time of Eve, Genshiken,
Girls and Panzer, Koto no Ha no Niwa, Kuragehime, Rail Wars, Sore demo
Machi ha mawatteiru, Tamayura hitotose, Tari Tari, Railgun, Index,
Tsuri Tama, etc., are in Greater Tokyo area.

1:1 Gundam, Fujiko F Fujio Museum and Mitaka Ghibli Museum are also in the area.

2014-12-17 23:30 GMT+08:00 Bradley Huffaker <bhuffake@caida.org>:
> I am not familair with Nakano nerdiness. What is there?

Nakano Broadway.  For Tokyo : Akiba, Nakano, Ikebukuro, and/or Ariake,
are the holy lands.

'CuSO4' Yung

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