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subject [seiyuu:27941] Re: events Jan 5th - Jan 8th
date Wed, 17 Dec 2014 13:52:38 +0900
Bradley Huffaker <bhuffake@caida.org> wrote:
| My son is going to be visiting Japan with three of his American friends
| and will be in Tokyo between Jan 5-8th, and Kyoto Jan 8-9th. I thought
| it would be fun for him to experience an idol/otaku/etc related event
| while he was there.  Anything to recommand?
| Of course general Tokyo suggests would also be appreciated.

I don't think there are many events during that time,
but walking around Akiba and/or Nakano should be fun,
as long as they are interested in this kind of stuff..

I would be happy to show them around Akiba,
but I will be in Hawaii during that time.

Hitoshi Doi
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