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subject [seiyuu:27937] Re: new Love Live event
date Sun, 14 Dec 2014 01:12:57 +0900
40 hours to go..
The pace is slower than it was at the beginning,
but I think it's still gonna be the highest ever.
I hope the Monday ending will keep the pace sane at the end.
(even though it will be Sunday night for those in the USA)

The closest comparison to a previous event is event 19,
Niko when the cutoff went over 80K.


Timothy Yeh <tenton@mac.com> wrote:
| Apparently, you can get scouting tickets as well.
| Some friends of mine have drawn them.

Got one playing 3 hards.

| Also, you can use gold to give you various effects.
| More points, healing, higher chance of better prizes,
| 5 Bad/Good note protection, etc.
| Finally have some thing to spend my gold on now. :P

I tried the very expensive "chance for better prizes",
but I don't know if it really works.
I got my best prizes when I didn't pay for it..

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