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date Fri, 28 Nov 2014 16:25:49 +0900
The second group single went on sale this week.
Lily White's "Aki no Anata no Sora Tooku".


This one also came with a serial code for a random SR card
of the Lily White members.
I bought three CDs, and got 2 Umi and 1 Rin.
Very satisfied with this so I won't buy any more.

As for the first CD (Printemps), I ended up buying 5,
and got 3 Kotori, 1 Honoka, and 1 Hanayo.

The third group single will go on sale 12/24.
I'll probably buy 3 and go from there depending on what I get.

With all of these serial code SRs recently, my member slots
got filled up, even though I'm tossing almost all of my Rs.
So I ended up using 3 stones and bought 9 extra slots.
But even this may not be enough.. (;_;)

The current event seems to be headed for 23000 or so.
Should be safe above 25000 for the second SR even though
the last two days are Saturday and Sunday.
Plots of the last few 10 day events..


Since this will end the 4th round of events, I'm afraid
that the pace might pick up again at the next one..
probably a new type of event.

Hitoshi Doi
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