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date Wed, 19 Nov 2014 00:23:35 +0900
The third set of the Love Live subgroup CDs goes on sale this fall.
These songs are a collaboration song with the Love Live game,
as these songs get released in the game first.

The first CD is by Printemps, and went on sale 11/12.
The next one is by Lily White and the last one is by Bibi.
All of these CDs come with a serial code for the Love Live game
to get one SR card.  The card is random.  Each CD comes with
a SR of one of the girls singing that CD.
So you need to buy a LOT of CDs to get a complete set.

I'm not going to try for the whole set, but I already bought
4 of the Printemps CDs.
I got 3 Kotori and 1 Hanayo.  No Honoka yet! (;_;)

Info on the CD at the following.


Also at Gamers, there is a very funny picture of three Gamers workers
(guys, not girls) doing the same pose as the Printemps front cover!


Hitoshi Doi
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