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subject [seiyuu:27915] Re: love live Hanayo event
date Wed, 12 Nov 2014 02:44:32 +0900

How is Elichka event is going? I am too busy right now and keeping it 
just around the line. But I got myself some stones to push it.

V check is usually done home, but sometimes, especially close to the 
final episodes, everyone watch VTR in studio together (and I hope it 
won't happen with Joker :))

Checking my lines before this week recording, there is too much this time.

On 2014/11/12 2:32, 'CuSO4' Yung wrote:
>> Also, it is not about Love Live at all, but I have a regular anime role
>> this season, at "Kaito Joker" as Lady Doubt.
>> My character will be in anime from 5th episode, but you may try to check
>> it ^_^
> Just watched the episode.  Cat Woman !
> You mentioned V Check in your Twitter.  Was it done individually or
> together with the other regular casts ?

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