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Tange Sakura has returned and released a CD under her own name
for the first time in a long time.  Almost 10 years.

Musees de Sakura (Tange Sakura)
released 2010.02.10
3000 yen

This is Tange Sakura's solo album.

The tracks are as follows.

   1. You Are My Destiny
   2. Catch You Catch Me
   3. Ima ha Mada Tooi Lovesong (今はまだ遠い Lovesong)
   4. Default no Egao (デフォルトの笑顔)
   5. Anata no Yarikata de Dakishimete (あなたのやり方でだきしめて)
   6. Neo-Generation
   7. 2 Iro Dake no Palette (2色だけのパレット)
   8. Anata to Ireba (あなたといれば)
   9. Tune My Love
  10. Sore ga Anata no Ii Tokoro (それがあなたのいいところ)
  11. Platinum (プラチナ)
  12. Stand By Me 

This is a self-cover album, where she resings many of her old songs.

All of the songs have a slightly different arrangement compared to
the original version.

There are many photos of Sakura in the lyrics booklet. 
(even though she looks older, she's still cute)

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